With  faint floral taste, with hints of nutmeg, camphor and wood, bay laurel can be used both for infusions, cooking or terapeutical purposes.

Infusions. Poultry, meat and fish dishes, marinades, pot roasts, ragouts, stews, soups and sauces. It also flavours some seafood dishes, and considered indispensable by many in escabeche and chamel sauce recipes.
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Bay Laurel’s properties are mostly digestive  it stimulates appetite, acts as as a tonic in the stomach and intestines and avoids gas formation, but it is also widely used in the treatment for haemorrhoids, rheumatisms and muscular pain.
In addition, it is used in homemade medicines, mainly against hair loss, onychomycosis, coughs, bronchitis and wounds.

Doctor use recommendations should be asked for pregnant women, breastfeeding child and children. Pregnant women, breastfeeding child and children should also ask for doctor recommendation.

Name: Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis L.)
Part of the plant used: Leafs

Flavour: faint floral taste, with hints of nutmeg, camphor and wood
Appearance: dark green leafs


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